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This couple was German & Bosnian, so they decided to get married in Italy so that their guests can come easily from both countries and enjoy the Dolce Vita. It was their primary goal to have a fun party, satisfied guests and show all three cultures in their wedding. Bosnians brought the Rakija and Kicenice (decorative bracelets and buttonieres for the guests), Germans brough the Esacher Luft (very spicy schnapps), and the Italian culture was shown through the aperitivo music, exquisite catering food and pizza as midnight snack. We worked with Italian vendors, managing to save the budget and travel costs, making this an affordable luxury wedding. The choice of this stunning location allowed us to save on the decorative accessories, and still left all guests gasping. Party was wild, and in typical Italian fashion, a funny story happened when driving back from the wedding, the bus overheated in the wineyards at 3 in the morning, but luckily one of the aunts brought a wine from the wedding, so everyone was fine to wait a bit until it cools down and they can go to bed. 

Dolce Vita at Lake Garda 

All photos taken by Vlasta Weddings.

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