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Elevating Your Celebration with Italian Wedding Decor

Updated: Mar 13

Are you looking for ways to incorporate your love for this stunningly romantic country into your wedding? We’ve got you covered with our favorite Italian wedding decor ideas! La Dolce Vita flair, citrus scents, rustic peacefulness, indulgent food… It’s no wonder that Italy is one of the most popular places for destination weddings, and why so many couples want to replicate this theme.

Let's delve into the lovely details that define an Italian wedding decor.

*Unveiling the Story with Beautiful Italian Wedding Invitations*

Design your wedding invitations that reflect the richness of Italy's art and culture, setting expectations for the opulent celebration that awaits. We can recommend many artists that will design your whole invitation set with the picture of your wedding venue or including some details that will be present at your wedding, introducing your guests to the story of your day even before they arrive.

*Colors and Textures Inspired by Italy*

Think burgundy, olive green, and gold, complemented by luxurious textures like linen and burlap to achieve that stylish Italian wedding decor.

*Guests welcome favors with Italian Products*

Welcome guests with a personalized bag with your names or wedding logo filled with Italian delights, setting the tone for an indulgent celebration. It can include some grissini, pralines, sugared almonds, Aperol Spritz and water. After a long trip to reach your destination, this will be an exquisite surprise for the guests.

*Blossoms of Romance*

Elevate floral arrangements to a symphony of blooms that reflect the romance of Italy, using peonies, roses, and locally sourced flowers.

*Arrive to the Party in Style*

Make a grand entrance with a vintage car, setting the stage for your celebration. Use the help of your wedding planner to recommend a vintage car company that offer such rentals, get the help of florist to put some beautiful flowers on the car and arrive to the party in great style.

*Capturing Italian Whimsy in a Wedding Photo Corner*

Capture memories with a whimsical Italian photo corner by inserting a Vespa into the scene. What fun will that be for your guests. The groom or one of the groomsmen can arrive on it, for some show effect, and then park it in a decorated corner where guests can take pictures with it/sitting on it.

*Aperitivo Cocktail Hour*

If you have been to Italy, you must have heard of Aperitivo, it is 'sacred' after work hour where all the drinks are cheaper and food is included in the price. Elevate your wedding cocktail hour with an Aperitivo spread, featuring Italian classics like Aperol Spritz and Negroni, and bring this exquisite feeling of enjoyment into your day. Grazing tables laden with antipasti, cheeses, and charcuterie showcase Italy's gastronomic prowess.

*Prosecco Station*

A dedicated Prosecco station transforms your celebration into a sparkling affair. There are so many ways how you can present this, below is one fun way of doing it. Contact us for more ideas.

*Italian Fiesta under the Fairylights*

Lighting can really elevate the atmosphere, and it doesn't even have to be a lot of it or expensive, but needs to contribute to the decor. You can work with us to help you think of a whole decoration concept for your wedding, including recommendations for professional lighting vendors. Fairy lights, candles, and lanterns create an enchanting ambiance, perfect for celebrating under the stars.

*Elegant banquet tables*

Luxurious tablescapes with fine linens and exquisite centerpieces elevate the dining experience. Depending on your team, you can work with flowers, candles and table linens to express the theme. Make sure to incorporate name cards into your design, and play with their design. It can be

*Patterned plateware*

Introduce patterned plateware to your tablescape, adding an artistic flair to each dining setting.

*Pizza station*

What is more Italian then pizza? OK, maybe pasta, but this you will serve as one of your courses. If it fits the budget, ask your caterer to have a pizza station at the aperitivo cocktail hour, or as a midnight snack. Personalize this moment by offering His & Hers favorite pizzas.

*Traditional Italian Cake*

A traditional Italian cake is the sweet crescendo of your celebration. Between those traditional from the “Belpaese”, we cannot not mention the classic cake “Italian style”. It is made of several layers of sponge cake soaked in Maraschino liqueur and filled with vanilla and chocolate custard cream (crème patissière).

'Holy Cannoli sweets table'

Include a Cannoli station for a delightful and authentic Italian sweet table.

*Gelato station*

A Gelato station adds a touch of cool elegance to your celebration. Especially if you have little ones at your wedding, this is a way to score full points, and the parents will enjoy it too!

In conclusion, an Italian wedding is more than an event; it's a masterpiece painted with cultural richness, opulence, and love. With a touch of luxury, let's craft a wedding that exceeds expectations and becomes a cherished chapter in your love story.

Ready to embark on your journey into Italian love story? Let's connect!



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