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What information goes into destination wedding invitations

beige destination wedding invitation

OMG is it that time already? You are sending destination wedding invitations? You are a BRIDE! I know, I know, exciting! But once the excitement passes, and you actually figure that you have no idea which information is important to put into wedding invitations, especially for a destination wedding, we are here to help you.

The ideal destination wedding invitation wording will excite your guests and inspire them to book that flight! 

The ideal destination wedding invitation needs to contain the following information:

  • Full names of the bride and groom

  • Location of the wedding, full address with country

  • Date of the wedding

  • Start and end time of the wedding

  • Full names of every person who is invited (otherwise you are risking cousin Michael coming with his 2 daughters and their boyfriends, which is a problem if you didn't book a dinner seat for them)

  • If there is a welcome party and you are inviting all guests to it, date and location of the welcome party (If you are not inviting everyone, make a separate invitation for the welcome party, and send it together with the wedding invitation)

  • Address or website and deadline for RSVP (If you are directing to a wedding website, make sure to buy a domain in your name which is easy to spell, and protect it with password). A wedding website is included in our full wedding planning package at AjaWeddings, contact us today for help!

destination wedding invitation

We recommend to definitely work with a wedding website and collect the RSVP through it, including the menu preference for the wedding dinner. Using the wedding website will make it easier for you to collect this information and easily transfer it to the caterer just before the wedding.

On the wedding website you should also mention the following:

  • The dresscode

  • Travel and accomodation tips (Wedding planners from AjaWeddings can help you find hotels in different price categories for your guests, and reserve a block of rooms for them at affordable price, contact us for help)

  • Additional wedding events

  • Transport to and from the wedding location (If you will be organising it, make sure to mention at what time the guests should be ready to be picked up)

  • FAQ (Here you can use the chance and address politely the no-kids policy, mention the closest airports, or say in which hotel you will be sleeping)

Other than this, use your imagination or let us help you in phrasing your invitation to inspire your guests and get them excited to celebrate with you on your dream location!



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