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20 Years Experienced Wedding Photographer Tips for Perfect Shots - Interview with wedding planner Frankfurt

A wedding planner is only as useful as their wedding network :)

When I joined as grounding member of exclusive Colibri Club of luxury wedding vendors a couple months ago, I didn't even imagine how many amazing vendors I will meet and connect with. One of them are Julia and Björn Schneider (, who immediately thrilled me with their photography style, as well as immense amount of experience, style and friendliness. We decided to publish an interview with helpful wedding photographer tips for Wedding Planner Frankfurt AjaWeddings couples.

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How long have you been photographing weddings and how did you get into it? 

Wonderful question, I totally love it. I come from a family of photographers, my parents ran two very successful studios and I was bitten by the photography bug at a young age. As a wedding photographer, I have been traveling the world for my bridal couples for over 2 decades. 

What is your favorite part of the wedding day? 

There are many wonderful moments during a wedding day, so it's not easy to decide. I love the moment of the wedding ceremony very much because it is very emotional and I love to capture these moments between the bride and groom and also the emotions of the guests. 

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What do you think is important for couples to know when choosing a wedding photographer? And what about videographer?

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This is basically very easy to answer, your photographer must not only appeal to you with his pictures, he should also be likeable. I believe that a first call is a good way to find out whether you "fit together". In my opinion, sympathy and empathy are important factors when choosing your photographer and, of course, your videographer. 

What can couples do to make sure their photos look perfect? 

Quite simply, involve your wedding planner and photographer in the selection of the shooting location. Trust that they both know exactly what looks good and what suits you. 

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What can really ruin the photos, and should be avoided? 

If you're not having fun! If you don't trust your photographer and if you allow yourself to be influenced too much by third parties. As I said, trust your wedding planner and photographer, speak openly and directly about your wishes and try to realize them together. 

If you could make a perfect wedding day timeline, how much time would you give to getting ready photos, family portraits and couple portraits? 

Important here, no time pressure! Allow enough time for these important moments, so I would plan 1-1.5 hours for a getting ready, approx. 1 hour for the family pictures depending on the number of guests or family members and approx. 2 hours for the bridal couple shoot. Depending on how the day was planned and where it takes place, we also like to divide the bridal couple shoot into two spots so that our bridal couple are not separated from their guests for too long. 

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What do you recommend to be prepared for details and stationary photos? 

If you want beautiful flat lay pictures of your invitations etc. then very important: don't skimp on the invitations. Think about which layout and design suits you and your day. What is the theme of your day, where is it taking place, etc.? We love to take enough pictures here and also clarify this in advance with the wedding planner or florist, always have our accessories with us to take beautiful detailed pictures. 

Please share with us the best moment you experienced as wedding photographer 

We photograph a lot of weddings and engagements in Italy, especially here on Lake Como. Last year we had the pleasure of photographing a small intimate wedding at Villa del Balbianello. A few days after the wedding we received an email from the bride's grandma (85 years old) in CC all family members. She had tried to write us a review but couldn't manage it. She sent us the rating (5.0 on Google) via email and asked all family members and friends in her email to copy paste the rating online. This was so magical and we were so grateful for this gesture. 

isola del garda wedding planner

Can couples order a wedding album or any other extras from you, if they hire you?

Yes! we offer some fine and very high quality adds on like linen bound wedding albums, portrait print images etc. We work together with a manufactory because we attach great importance to quality.

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