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Why choose a destination wedding in Italy

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

If you're planning a destination wedding, why not consider one of the most romantic places on earth. Italy was the backdrop for the timeless love story of Romeo and Juliet, and its beauty, culture and lush landscapes are just some of the reasons this charming country could be the perfect place for your big day.

You’ll have your pick of historic villas, extravagant castles, luxury hotels or even beach ceremonies. So if you want a truly unforgettable day, surrounded by all the wonder and romance this dreamy nation has to offer, Italy could be the right choice for you and your partner.

But if you’re still undecided, we’re here to help! Me and my partner got married in an old Venetian Villa close to Lake Garda (Gardasee) after a lot of research and chose it for following reasons:

- You will for sure have a sunny wedding day - For the most part, Italy has beautiful weather. The summers are hot and dry, and during the spring and autumn, you’ll also be treated to mild temperatures and blue skies. You could even opt for a winter wedding if that’s more you’re style, cozy up inside one of Italy’s many beautiful Alpine hotels and your pictures will still be complete with crisp and clear blue skies.

- Italian world famous food and wine - It is very hard to find a bad caterer in Italy as long as you are looking at professional vendors, the Italian food is just famously good, fresh and regional. The catering menu that we took was a very simple and budget friendly menu, and yet our guests could not stop talking about the 6m long table of cheeses and prosciutto, fritti (fried vegetable bags that were not oily at all), as well as all the tasty Aperol Spritz and Prosecco that were served with the Aperitivo (cocktail hour). For dinner we had a 3-course meal with risotto, pasta and steak/fish which was the best wedding food I ever had. It was served at same time for all 110 guests, service was outstanding and every guest could get seconds if needed. It was all included in the price. Contact us to help you choose the best catering for your event, or recommend ours. 10/10!

- Traditional Italian cake - Millefoglie - this was a bang on our wedding! It was so fresh and light, and it was "made" by the newlyweds in a cooking show, which gave the guests a bit of amusement and made everyone excited for the cake. When guests have to travel to your wedding, they expect something different and specific to that area, some reason why you chose to marry in that place and not at home, and Italians definitely delivered with the cake and show cooking, among other things!

- Beautiful natural scenery - We were surrounded by kilometers of Valpolicella wine yards and just coming to the location was already an experience for the guests. Other than Lake Garda and of course Lake Como, Italy has so many beautiful locations to offer, from stunning landscapes and rolling hills, to A-list beaches in the south for that added WOW factor. Write to us your wishes and we will make sure to find a stunning venue for your destination wedding in Italy!

- So many stunning venues and wedding locations - You can and will find the wedding venue of your dreams in Italy. Indeed, the choices available in terms of setting, mood, and venues are endless whether, for an indoor or outdoor wedding, a rustic or sophisticated theme, intimate or lavish ceremony, Italy has it all. Charming countryside borgos and wineries, ancient villas, beachfront terraces, lakeside mansions, castles, magnificent ballrooms, and obviously luxurious hotels, all there for you to choose!

So if we only have one recommendation, we suggest you choose your region and consider the wedding mood, theme, and style you want before letting us help you choose the best venue in Italy for your dream Italian wedding.

- Honeymoon - You can have an awesome, romantic, and memorable honeymoon without even having to leave Italy, no matter your personal style, interest, budget and the type of activities you prefer.

If you want a honeymoon where you do nothing but lie down on a beach, then you can head to Sicily. Want to tan and relax on gorgeous boat cruises, then go to the Amalfi coast. More into hike and nature? Then the Valpolicella and Italian Alps are for you. Do you feel like having a road trip in charming villages? Head to Tuscany. The one thing you will surely have anywhere you decide to spend your honeymoon in Italy is picturesque and romantic sceneries. And food. Sorry, but yes, we’re not over Italian food! We stayed in an amazing boutique hotel close to Lake Garda for a mini honeymoon we will never forget.

- Quality time with your loved ones and a holiday for every guest - Almost all our guests made a point to stay in the area as well and enjoy couple days indulging in wine and food that Italy is so famous for, swimming, sunbathing and sightseeing. Destination weddings bring you closer to your family and friends because they allow for more time spent together in the anticipation of the event, or after the weddings where you can all daydream and tell stories from the wedding. Let us organize a spa day, cooking class or a wine tour for your and your close ones in the days before the wedding. So much fun!

- Budget - It is not a romantic topic but yet so important for all our couples, especially in today's time. Budgeting for destination wedding in Italy can get you much more bang for your buck, compared to Germany. Our villa was also a winery (as well as every other villa that we visited at Lake Garda), so we took their wines to drink throughout wedding day. They were amazing (fresh and tasty, and added bonus was there was no headache the next day) and each bottle of white wine cost only couple EUR. This was an unbeatable price. We went for a bit more expensive red wine, but since it was so hot on the day, not that many bottles were drank, and those guests who did enjoy it went back the next day to get a pack of wine to bring back home. Talk about good feedback!

Going along the budget point, all other vendors were professional and well-known in the Lake Garda area, and yet their prices were very reasonable and we could also get some discount. Contact us for more exact price information and budget expectations for your destination wedding in Italy.

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